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Maharashtra BSNL Directory Enquiry Online –

Maharashtra BSNL Directory Enquiry Online

Have you ever think, if telephone directories are not present in our life then what will we do? How to find someones phone number? Yes, its not just tough it almost impossible. BSNL has a big telecom network in Maharashtra. They had few lakhs of consumer within their network.  So to find someones phone number it will take a lot of efforts. To reduce this effort Maharashtra BSNL keep track all their telephone numbers and update the telephone directory every year.

As we all know that a Telephone Directory help us to find peoples number. It records consumer name, phone number, address who are connected with this Network Connection.

This Network Connection provide Online Directory. People can search telephone number form this online directory.

How to Search Directory Online

  1. First of all visit
  2. Then you need to enter the name of the people who’s number you want to search.
  3. Then enter the place where he/she live.
  4. That’s all. If the directory contains the name it will show you the number.


Maharashtra BSNL Directory is also printed in a hard copy. If you want a printed copy of telephone Directory then contact your nearest BSNL office. As every year so many new numbers are added to Maharashtra BSNL network, so you can’t find any new numbers in printed copy Maharashtra BSNL directory which are registered after the directory has been printed.

If you want more about Maharashtra BSNL Directory or share your thoughts then please contact us. You can also like our facebook page and ask anything you want to know about Maharashtra BSNL Directory. Our team member will answer your questions. Keep visiting this page for latest updates.


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