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Kerala BSNL Fancy Numbers Auction 2019-Choice

Fancy Numbers Auction 2019-Kerala BSNL Choice Numbers

Like other telecom circles Kerala BSNL also provide a facility to their consumer. They let their consumers to choose their Fancy choice number and Fancy Number is a Mobile Number having some speciality like repetition of same digits or digits in ascending / descending order which is easy to remember. Now Kerala BSNL decided to give their user a facility to choose their fancy number and For this purpose they conduct an auction. Besides this, in the auction they put list of fancy numbers and users bid for their needed numbers.

They conduct an auction for fancy numbers every year. In the auction you can book a number of your choice also. To know the date and time for the next auction keep visiting our site or visit the official Kerala BSNL site.

How to get Kerala BSNL Fancy Numbers
A list of fancy numbers are present in the list. You need to do is to-

  1. First of all, Go to
  2. Choose a number, which you like, from the list.
  3. Click on Reserve Number button.
  4. Enter you current mobile number or any other. (This no is used to send a verification code)
  5. Enter the Verification code which is sent to your mobile.
  6. Done! And you will receive a Confirmation on your mobile.
  7. Now go to your nearest BSNL office and claim your Choice number. Remember to take your mobile with you where you get your confirmation SMS.


If you want more about Kerala BSNL Fancy Numbers or share your thoughts then please contact us. You can also like our facebook page and ask anything you want to know about Kerala BSNL Fancy Numbers. Our team member will answer your questions. Keep visiting this page for latest updates.


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