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Gujarat BSNL Vanity Numbers Auction 2019-VIP

Vanity Numbers Auction 2018-Gujarat BSNL VIP Number

Vanity Number is a Mobile Number having some speciality like repetition of same digits or digits in ascending / descending order which is easy to remember. Now Gujarat BSNL decided to give their user a facility to choose their Vanity number. For this purpose they conduct an auction. In the auction they put list of Vanity numbers and users bid for their needed numbers.

Gujarat BSNL conduct an auction for Vanity numbers every year. In the auction you can book a number of your VIP. To know the date and time for the next auction keep visiting our site or visit the official Gujarat BSNL site.

How to get Gujarat BSNL Vanity Numbers
A list of Vanity numbers are present in the list. You need to do is to-

  1. First of all visit
  2. Choose a number, which you like, from the list.
  3. Click on Reserve Number button.
  4. Enter you current mobile number or any other. (This no is used to send a verification code)
  5. Enter the Verification code which is sent to your mobile.
  6. Done! And you will receive a Confirmation on your mobile.
  7. Now go to your nearest BSNL office and claim your VIP number. Remember to take your mobile with you where you get your confirmation SMS.


If you want more about Gujarat BSNL Vanity Numbers or share your thoughts then please contact us. You can also like our facebook page and ask anything you want to know about Gujarat BSNL Vanity Numbers. Our team member will answer your questions. Keep visiting this page for latest updates.


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87 Responses

  1. Zala vishal c says:

    I have 9426007007 vip num.

  2. kishan says:

    please send your number price

  3. 9898898987 says:

    9426094260 how many price this number

  4. shankarlal says:

    how many price this number

  5. Vinod says:

    Please vanity no send me my id

  6. KEVIN says:


  7. jayeshvadhvani says:

    9408566666 this numbar price.

  8. mohit says:

    i want to prize of this numbers plz 9427007007,9429009999,9429955555

  9. NAYANBHAI says:


  10. RAJUBHAI says:


  11. Mahesh says:

    I want a number of bsnl.

  12. NAVNEET N PATEL says:

    I want vip number bsnl or vodaphone

  13. Shailesh Bhatt says:

    I want number is 9426522222/9426511111/9426555555

  14. IMTIYAZ says:


  15. sanjay patel. says:

    94xxx x0000

  16. snehal Rajput says:

    please Give me a VIP numbers on my id

  17. snehal Rajput says:

    give me a 94xxx99999

  18. Vishal says:


  19. urvin patel says:

    Give price list with the number.

  20. ranjan kumar says:

    give vip number with price

  21. Prashant says:

    Plz send me VIP num lidst on my Email

  22. Aslam akbar says:

    I want this no.9426888888

  23. Aslam akbar says:

    Plz send me vip no.on my email id.and its price.

  24. dr.vishal says:

    also send vip number with price list

  25. mohammedilyas mithabhai says:

    plz send VIP Numbers on ID


  26. J.G.GURJAR says:

    venity number list & offer prise send my e-mail

  27. Yasin munshi says:

    Plz send VIP no. With price list. On my email

  28. Yasin munshi says:

    Plz send VIP no. & ofers with price list

  29. bhagyesh says:

    i want this type of number *****00001 To 00009

  30. vipul says:

    please send bsnl vip number and price in my email

  31. Chetan parmar says:

    Send me no. List with prise on my email id

  32. jit says:

    send all VIP type number and price list my mail id

  33. Sutaria Mukesh Chandrakant says:

    Send list number with price….

  34. kamlesh says:

    please send all vip number & price list,

    thank you

  35. joseph tully says:

    I want a unique number

  36. Kalpesh sagar says:

    I want vip num

  37. Ashvin sardhara says:

    pls give no ******7777

  38. girish mehta says:

    Please send me all fancy no. with price

  39. Anonymous says:

    How many price this no

  40. MOHAMMED says:

    Do you have number ends with 555

  41. shashi shah says:

    i am in rajkot (gujarat) kindly send me choice number list and his rate

  42. vishalsinh Rathod says:

    please send all vip number & price list,

    thank you…..

  43. Smitsheth says:

    Please send all vip number and price…
    Reply please..

  44. vinod ramani says:

    pls. send vip no list and prise

  45. hiren patel says:

    Plz send VIP no. With price list. On my email

  46. Rahul Goyal says:

    I want 9426666666,9409999999,9409111111,9409777777.
    Such numbers can i get list nd prices of such numbers.

  47. rupesh patel says:

    give me to vip no
    like a last 5 digit

  48. harish says:

    i want *****20004

  49. karmata jagdish says:

    i want 94×××99999

  50. mahendrasinh says:

    I want to vip no 9428818888/9429599999

  51. mahendrasinh says:


  52. SURESHBHAI says:


  53. Suresh Patel says:

    plz send me vip no with prices.

  54. ravi rathod says:

    Plz send VIP no. With price list. On my email

  55. Nikunj chhatriwala says:

    Plz send me list of vanity numbers

  56. Mitthalal k.Jain says:

    Please send me VIP no. List

  57. SANKET DOSHI says:


  58. Rafiq shikari says:

    plz send price list .

  59. satish chaudhari says:

    plz send mevip no.list&price

  60. chetan patel says:

    i want last 5 digit number

  61. 9879806882 says:

    ple… vip no. 94****999

  62. mukesh valaki says:

    Please VIP num. N Price list sand me

  63. Praful sondarva says:

    I want vip num. Of b.s.n.l com.

  64. ganga ratiya says:


  65. shah yogesh nadiad says:

    pls send venity no list just……*****00000,*****99999

  66. Ilyas khareghat says:

    I want this no XXXX786786 pls send me price………..

  67. Manav says:

    How to choose a vip number

  68. pritesh lalcheta says:

    last five digit 99999 price

  69. VINODBHAI says:

    94295 22222 i want a number

  70. Kalpesh randerwala says:

    Last 11111
    88888 I won’t ane namber

  71. 9405599999 says:

    I want 9408999999 tell m price

  72. Gautam parmar says:

    My choice num 94*0000013

  73. mdilyas says:

    plz send lasr 6 numbers 191919 & 171717

  74. abdeali says:

    i want last digit 5252 or 525252 number

  75. sarman barad says:

    I will know me search 94*****000

  76. kishan. says:


  77. nikunj says:

    i want vip number
    give me price list with numbers.

    sms kar dena .. numbers with rate… in rajkot

  78. DhruvRajsinh says:

    I want to end dijit number 737373

  79. changani sagar says:


  80. manoj bhanushli says:

    my choice no.xxxxx99999.xxxxx33333.xxxxx77777.xxxxx11111.

  81. akshaymohite says:

    Mane last ma joye che malse k shu price che msg & email karjo

  82. lakshmi narain sinha says:

    Makalinagar bhagavatipara

  83. Dipak dobariya says:


  84. daya bhai desai says:

    my list of venity numbers last dizit 77777

  85. ramesh k patel says:

    i want vip number gujarat network

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