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TN BSNL Fancy Numbers Auction 2019-Choice

TN BSNL Fancy Numbers: Fancy Number is a Mobile Number having some speciality like repetition of same digits or digits in ascending / descending order which is easy to remember. Now Tamil Nadu BSNL decided to give their user a facility to choose their fancy number. For this purpose they conduct an auction as “TN BSNL Fancy Numbers auction”. In the auction they put list of fancy numbers and users bid for their needed numbers.

TN BSNL conduct an auction for fancy numbers every year. In the auction you can book a number of your choice. To know the date and time for the next auction keep visiting our site or visit the official TN BSNL site. Here will will show you how to get TN BSNL Fancy Numbers for yourself.

TN BSNL Fancy Numbers Auction 2018 – Choice

How to get TN BSNL Fancy Numbers
A list of Fancy numbers are present in the list. You need to do is to-

  1. First of all, Go to
  2. Choose your Telecom Circle.
  3. Then choose a number, which you like, from the list.
  4. Click on Reserve Number button.
  5. Enter you current mobile number or any other. (This no is used to send a verification code)
  6. Enter the Verification code which is sent to your mobile.
  7. Done! And you will receive a Confirmation on your mobile.
  8. Now go to your nearest BSNL office and claim your Choice number. Remember to take your mobile with you where you get your confirmation SMS.


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If you want more about TN BSNL Fancy Numbers or share your thoughts then please contact us. You can also like our facebook page and ask anything you want to know about TN BSNL Fancy Numbers. Our team member will answer your questions. Keep visiting this page for latest updates.

38 Responses

  1. nnandu says:

    i want bsnl numbers ends with like 3355,999,3377,579

  2. Samuvel.M says:

    I want this number 9442155555

  3. venkatesh says:

    I am using a bsnl nework . last month to still time browsing signal very worst.

  4. gopal says:

    hello i want 9442123456

  5. Munusamy says:

    Iwant to BSNL fancy numbes

  6. Kalamegam says:

    i want bsnl no 9445566777

  7. Kalamegam says:

    I want bsnl no 9445566779

  8. D.Baskaran says:

    I want bsnl no 9444555666

  9. c.senthilkumar says:

    new fancy number

  10. prince says:

    i want to 9428282828

  11. prabaran.m says:

    Iwhat nomber fancy nomber9422334455

  12. kannan says:

    fancy number

  13. PRABHU DHANE says:

    i dear sir ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i want to this number 9440000044/9444444007/9494949494

  14. Erv.selvakumar says:

    fancy number

  15. Vinoth says:

    Fancy number

  16. ahamed says:

    i need onely one fancy no in any network pls help me friends

  17. R.Ramesh says:

    sir iwant starting this number948888—-

  18. allwin says:

    I need last 4 digit same number
    How much ?

  19. v.sankar says:

    l want bsnl fance number 9444455555

  20. vinoth says:

    bsnl fancy number sent it

  21. periaraj says:

    i want bsnl fancy number 9494999999

  22. Anise says:

    I want Bsnl fancy number 9447774777

  23. Renish says:

    i want bsnl fancy numbr
    starting this numbr: 94444—–

  24. purusoth says:


  25. KARTHIGEYAN says:


  26. Jbalaganapathy says:

    Sir iwant last five number same as 77708

  27. devendran says:

    I wants this type of number

    . 666666666

  28. devendran says:

    Bsnl offers please reply

  29. sakthi says:

    i wanted for 9442294422

  30. madhavan says:

    i want the fancy no

  31. Harikrishnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need fancy number please, How can I select please inform me

  32. ka sharavanan says:

    i need fancy no pls

  33. Saravanan says:

    I want this type of numbers

  34. Sulochana says:

    I want this BSNL offers, boosters, STD rates

  35. Akp shahul says:

    Business use

  36. jayasurya says:

    i want some fancy number

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