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New technologies are coming everyday and changes the world of Mobile everyday. In 2000 no one thought that within few years we will use touch screen in our Latest Mobiles. No one think we will give rest to our big fat hand held camera and will take pictures from our mobile phones. Its feels really great.

Technologies changes everyday and we get new features every day. Touch screen introduce, Apps are taking control on mobiles. We do not need multiple phones for our multiple phone numbers. So many mobiles are now coming with dual SIM facilities. We listen music in our mobiles only. These are the things which attract us towards new Mobile Technologies.

Here in this page we will discuss all  sorts of newly launched technologies and mobile phones. We will provide Android, IOS, Windows related updates also.

Its difficult to make a mobile model fully perfect. Few lags are may present in mobile. Those problem discussion and solution is also provided here. If you have any questions or problems, then you can also post your question here.

Latest Mobile News

  • The next BIG thing – Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review
    Probably the Next Big thing in Indiuan Mobile industry is Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Few days back Xiaomi launches their new model Redmi 1S in Indian market. Xiaomi launches 40000 units of Redmi 1s. They chooses e-commerce site Flipkart to sale their newly launched model and its take only 4.2 seconds to sale out all units. Read more…

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