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How to Disconnect Vodafone Postpaid Connection Online

Vodafone Network Connection :

Vodafone is One of the most Largest Telecom Operator in all over India. The Network Connection stole Customer’s heart for that it has Popular in all over India. Moreover, Vodafone spread its Popularity in very Smooth way. Most of the People are happy with this Network Connection. Basically Businessmen, Servicemen are highly influenced from this Network Connection.

Many People used Vodafone Prepaid Connection besides this Postpaid Connection also. Basically Businessmen and offices used Vodafone Postpaid Connection. Some People used this Vodafone Prepaid Network Connection. Most of the People used to Vodafone Postpaid Connection for a long time and Suddenly, If they will decide that they want change Postpaid Network Connection to Prepaid Network Connection. This Page will help the People who want to be Change their Postpaid Network Connection.

How to Disconnect Vodafone Postpaid Number :

Any kind of help Vodafone Care will be ready to help their Customers. If any Customers want to Change their Vodafone Postpaid Number. They Should follow the Instruction that is given bellow.

  1. First, Vodafone Customers need to Pay their Bill Amount of their Postpaid Number. If they do not pay the Bill Amount the Process will not proceed further.
  2. If any Vodafone Customers want to cancel their Vodafone Postpaid Connection then they should be ready a Application for Deactivate the Postpaid Number.
  3. Customers Should Enter their Name, Full Address, Postpaid Number which they will Cancel, it should be fill up on the Application Letter.
  4. The Application should be Submit to the Nearest Vodafone Office.
  5. After Verification The Company will Deactivate the Vodafone Postpaid Number.
  6. For any kind of information Customers Can Contact with the Customer Care Number (111 or 198).



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