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How to Check Balance in Vodafone GSM

Check the Balance enquiry in Vodafone GSM Prepaid and Postpaid number

The largest Telecom provider is Vodafone network all over India. It has become popular slowly some of the States in India. Besides this, Vodafone is one of the second largest telecom company in all over world. Even its Popularity is much better to the Customers for its services.

The Plan of Vodafone network’s Prepaid and Postpaid Connection is very well and they provide us variety of Prepaid and Postpaid plans also.

Vodafone Prepaid connection :

Vodafone has many USSD codes. USSD codes helps to consumers to get right information of vodafone network. By sending SMS we can used the USSD codes.

Vodafone Network provider’s services has ready for all customers at all time. It brings new advantages to provide benefit to the consumers. This Network provider keep trying for any problem about Vodafone services.

How to Check Balance in Vodafone Prepaid Connection :

Vodafone has two network connection one is Vodafone prepaid connection and Similarly other is Vodafone postpaid connection. This post is given to consumers of all instruction of Vodafone Prepaid and Postpaid connection. Any enquiry of Vodafone prepaid connection you needed  follow the instruction given bellow.

  1. Go to your cell phone’s dial pad option.
  2. Type *111*2# or *141#.
  3. Then press the call button.
  4. Wait for few seconds to get reply SMS from Vodafone network.
  5. Then You will get reply SMS which will contain information about your main balance.


 How to check Balance from Vodafone Postpaid Connection :

Vodafone spread popularity rapidly all over World. Besides this The Vodafone Postpaid connection is the second one of the Vodafone Network connection also. Here you can know about your postpaid Outstanding bill and Unbilled amount or Last dated Due amount by this post thus You will find the bill, Unbilled and Outstanding Bill or Due amount then follow the Instruction is given bellow.

    1. Go to your cell phone dial pad option.
    2. Type *111#.
    3. Then USSd codes is running.
    4. Then You will get reply SMS that is given bellow:
      1. Bill details.
      2. Talk plan.
      3. VAS and Services.
      4. Buy 1 get 1- CCD.
      5. Internet plan details.
      6. vVoice, SMS and Roaming pack.
      7. Bill/Recharge.
      8. More.
    5. Then type “1” in (1. bill details) write box option.
    6. Then you will get ” send” and “cancel” option.
    7. You will press Send option.
    8. Then Ussd code is running.
    9. Wait for few minutes You will get reply sms from there. One list show there is given below
      1. 1. Current Bill Summary.
      2. 2. Last 3 Bills.
      3. 3.Last 3 payments.
      4. 4.  Monthly Bill Summary.
      5. 5. Ebill and Duplicate Bill.
      6. 6. Know your e-bill password.#.
      7. 7. Main menu.
    10. You will press the send option


  1. Then USSD Code is running. after that you will get reply sms from will see the list. Like a example is given bellow:
    1. Your current outstanding Rs.
    2. 349.03
    3. Due date 05-Jul-2016
    4. Credit limit :Rs. 1500
    5. Unbilled amt : Rs 0.0 (without rentals & taxes)
    6. 1. Unbilled Details
    7. # For Main Menu

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