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How to check Balance in Idea

How to check Balance in Idea Postpaid and Prepaid connection:

The Idea is important Network Provider all over World. Its popularity spread rapidly all over India. It climb up top of the button of the tree by slowly way. The idea Network provider brings well services to the consumers. It rapidly famous among the consumers. The Idea has become more popularity by this work. The Idea Network Provider has given easy services and provide speed Internet Services and many more things. you want to know about the Check Balance in Idea, Postpaid Bill or Due amount and Prepaid Balance then you need to follow the Instruction which given below


How to check Balance in Idea Postpaid Balance : 

The Idea Network Provider’s Service has ready for all customers at all time. This Network Provider keep trying for any problem about Idea Services. the Idea ha two Network Connection has two Network Connection one is Postpaid Connection and another one is Prepaid Connection.

This post will give you all information about Postpaid Connection and Prepaid Connection. Now we discuss about the Postpaid Connection Balance,Bill or Due amount, then follow the instruction.

  1. Go to your Cell phone’s Dialpad option.
  2. Type *121# or *212# or *123# or *130#
  3. Press Call button option.
  4. Then USSD Code is running.
  5. Then you will get reply SMS.


How to Check Balance in Idea Prepaid Balance :

The Idea brings to the consumers easier system. The Idea USSD codes make easy to know details of Idea Postpaid connection and Prepaid Connection. Like an example we want to say that this Network Provider has the key of knowledge which is unlock of the Bill details internet pack and last dated due amount by this key. If you want to know the information about your Prepaid Balance then follow the Instruction which is given bellow :

  1. Firstly go to your cell phone options.
  2. Then Type *121#.
  3. Then press the call button.
  4. Wait for few seconds to get reply SMS from Idea.
  5. You will get a reply SMS which will contain information about your main Balance.

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