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How to check Balance in BSNL GSM connection

How to check Balance in BSNL GSM :

BSNL’S full form is “BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED”. It is a most largest Network all over India. The Network Connection not only popular in West Bengal but also popular in all over India. We have many doubt to know how to check Balance, Bill or other information in BSNL Network connection, so don’t worry about this matter The BSNL USSD codes are ready to solve your problem. It provide us well service, offer etc. Most of the consumers used to BSNL Network Connection specially Businessmen habitual to use this network.

Now we want to say about BSNL Network Prepaid and Postpaid connection. This USSD codes helps us to solve our problem to find out the matter which we need to know the information.

Check Balance in BSNL Prepaid Connection :

BSNL Network Connection has two Connection one is BSNL Prepaid connection and two is BSNL Postpaid Connection. The BSNL USSD codes means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. By USSD codes you will get to know the information of BSNL Network’s Balance, Bill and other details. Now You want to know how can this is possible then follow the Instructions that is given bellow.

  1. First Go to your cell phone Dial pad option.
  2. Type *123#.
  3. Then press the call button.
  4. Wait for few seconds to get reply SMS from BSNL.
  5. You will get a reply SMS which will contain information about your main Balance.

How to know Balance in BSNL Postpaid Connection :

BSNL Network Provider has given well services and good System. The Network Connection’s USSD codes helps you to find out your BSNL Postpaid Connection Bill, Balance or Due amount and any other details. You will get all your Information by this post. You can know the Bill, Balance or Outstanding Balance then follow the Instruction given here.

  1. Go to your Type Message option.
  2. Type BILL and send it to 53333 then get Message of BSNL bill.
  3. Then Type “AMT” and send it to 53333 then get Message of BSNL usage amount.
  4. After that Type “USG” and send it to 53333 then get Message of BSNL Data, Voice, SMS all other things.

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