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How to Activate or Deactivate Do Not Distrub Services on Airtel

How to Activate or Deactivate Airtel DND Services :

Airtel is a most populated Telecom Operator in all over India. From the Starting days it provides Well and great Services to their Consumers. The Popularity of Airtel Network Connection Spread in smooth way. The network Connection alwaysy get ready carefully to present new offers and new Products or many more things. Airtel always do their best for the Customers. Airtel Customers can get recharge their Prepaid or Postpaid Number easily with the help of Internet and they also can get new Connection On Online. Consumers can Activate or Deactivate of Airtel DND Services on Online.

Airtel :

Sometimes, Tele Marketing of Network Connection calls the Customers to conform whether they have interest of new offers or not. If any people have interest to know the offers then they can receive the call from Tele Marketing and People who are not interested to receive any Call from Tele Marketing of Airtel Network Connection then you have options to Close incoming Call from Tele Marketing. Airtel Presents Airtel DND Services always ready to Solution the Problems. Such as Customers can Activate or Deactivate the Airtel DND Services as they choose.

Airtel DND Service :

This page will be helpful to the Customers and they can Activate or Deactivate Airtel DND Services. Those Customers want to stop receiving of Calls from Tele Marketing of Airtel Network Connection then they can Activate the Airtel DND Services.

The People who are interested to know information about Offers or New Product many more about things then they are already Activated DND Services and want to re-activate the Services then they can Deactivate DND Services.


Those Consumers want to Deactivate DND Services of Airtel then they can follow the details are given bellow.

  1. First Visit
  2. After Open the Page You Should Click the Link given there to Register DND Wish List, if You are Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Customer and If you are Airtel Landline Customer then Click the Another Link which also given there.
  3. Then Open Another Page and You have to Enter the Airtel Mobile Number and Submit it. DND Service is Activated.


Here are the details of DND Services of Airtel. The Consumers want to activate DND Services then follow the Instruction that is given bellow.

  1. Go to Write Message Option.
  2. SMS “START” <Option> (Option means if You choose a option like Insurance then you have get messages or calls about Insurance’s Offers) or <START> Option, This Option for receiving Selective Categories which described bellow. Select Promotional or Preference Options and Send it to 1909.
  3. If You are Fully Stop all Promotions or Preferences Options then Type Start 0 and Send it to 1909

Preference Option :

Here has the Preferable Options because Customers have own choices to select the options (eg if any Customers have to choice Banking option then they select banking option so they will get banking related SMS from Tele Operator), you will Select to Choose for receiving Call or Messages from Tele Communication.

  1. Banking /Insurance/ Financial Products/ Credit Cards.
  2. Real Estate.
  3. Education.
  4. Health.
  5. Consumers Goods and Automobiles.
  6. Airtel Products and Services/ Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT.
  7. Tourism/ Leasure.
  8. Fully Blocked.


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